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Amassbd.com is a Bangladeshi online marketplace with a view to connect the buyer an seller to make a diversify e-commerce ecosystem in Bangladesh. We are ensuring the best online shopping experience to the customers. Along with that, we are promoting the sellers so that they can make an impact to our ecommerce industry.


Healh360 is an online healthcare platform aims to provide original medicine, healthcare support along with support needed for diagnosis of diseases. Our vision is to make you and your family safe from the all kind of disease in every possible way. Every time we tried our best to ensure the best health service from our side.


Cars360 is a modern automobile website helps people to give supply of original automobile products. Additionally, via this website you will be able to do auction of different types of used and brand-new car. Along with that we provide an integrated solution for the customer about any type of servicing and maintaining of your favorite automobile. 


Kachabazaar.xyz is an online grocery shop ensure you the daily need of your food. We are adding verities of food product in here so that you can able to get al of your need from single platform. People are getting free delivery on all order they are placing here. 


Tazafood is an organic food product selling platform where you will get organic & chemical free natural food product at best price. Tazafood also ensures the quality of the food with free delivery all over the country. They ensure safe food for every of their customers. 


Purnota Fashion is a fashion website where you will get the fashion product form all in most convenient price. You will get the latest fashion product in here with most amazing price. People from al over Bangladesh can order from here with minimum effort. 


Purnota is a consulting firm which works perfectly at the energy sector. The main focus of Purnota consulting firm is to ensure your business satisfaction as well as to mitigate the energy crisis and save our climate.

School of Excellence

We are a non-profit charitable fund with a single goal — to help the world. Our main priority is to provide a safe future for the generations to come. Today the humanity faces a range of challenges which threatens the very existence of our kind. How can we build a brighter future, when the present is so dark and terrifying? Developed countries choose not to pay attention to the problems of the “third world”, but every day these problems get more serious.


Newscast 360 is an online news portal aims to provide news happening all over the world every now & then. Along with that, our focus is to support the vendors and startups working is different sectors of business. Along with that, we have some integrated solution for the companies so that they can make their own brand. Our PR & marketing solution helps to build personal and organizational brand.  


Loancardinsurance.com is an online financial aggregator company in Bangladesh which assists consumers in taking the best financial decision in shortest possible time. Here, a consumer can compare different loan and credit card offers as well as deposit accounts of various banks in order to find the most suitable one for himself. He can easily check his eligibility of availing loan or credit card offer. After applying for the loan, he will get assistance through home service in documentation processing.

Health Express

This is an affiliate website helps people to find the best suitable product for them. Health Express provides tips on solving all health problems.  We will give you an overall idea and insight about health. Additionally, you will get all the latest updates and news about the health-related product and technologies. This website is very much helpful for the wellbeing of your healthy life.


Cars Store is the best place to know more details about the car’s update. Cars Store provides you best blog, article, and many more suggestions for know about buy, sell and use cars. This website will give you immense information about the automobile industry. It will help you to get benefited in many ways. By reading the review of the product you will be able to get know about the best automobile product for you. 


Lighthub was founded to bring the best information about all kinds of lighting products. Our founder, K. Habib has his master’s in renewable energy and has great enthusiasm for energy products. That is why he emphasizes developing the latest information about light and energy via this website. Keep in touch with this website to get regular updates about lights 7 energy-related products. You can subscribe to the newsletter to get updated information.

Data Angel

Data Angel is an industry 4.0 data analytics company consisting of a robust team of experts from the field of Renewable Energy, Energy economics, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Data science and related Industry 4.0 technologies to help you tackle your business’s/company’s key issues with crucial data. We are a data science firm and data solutions provider with its own R&D center.


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